Wednesday, October 7, 2020

10.06.20 It hurts less when your expectations are very low..... dead low tide at 5 o'clock. Took a look at the surf cams throughout the day and after work I took a shot in the light and went. South wind, surfers off every groin, people, people and more people, happy people to boot, yuk. Not what I want to see when I'm fishing. 

     Stopped in OG and lasted there about 3 minutes before heading north. I wasn't looking for good water I was looking for no people. Found a spot that was vacant and looked good. Notched groin with plenty of water for a bass to patrol in. No birds, no bait, no signs of life on the horizon. 


     Worked this spot both sides of the rocks for about a half and hour. Luckily I had the stripping basket with the holes drilled in as I took several waves over the bow. I made one stop a few beaches up but water in any gallonage hadn't arrived yet but the troughs were looking good and there was enough water along the groins for an earlier eater to get the first shot at the bait, if there was any. 

     On the way home I stopped in the back, water pushing in bringing all the salad you could ever want to fish through amongst the peanuts and bay anchovies. Small blues and needlefish splashing around after the smaller bait. 

Basically it was an evening of wrong time and tide, but I knew that.