Monday, October 19, 2020

10.18.20 Nine years ago I got my first Jones......

       Nine years ago I was on the hunt for a Jones Brothers. When I used to fill in working at The Fly Hatch Dave Choinard was a Jones dealer. All the cool guys had one, Bill Hoblitzell, Dick Dennis, and Paul Eidman to name a few. I found one in Point Pleasant and when I went back to put money down it had been sold. 

     That night, dejected, I attended the Jersey Shore Trout Unlimited Christmas party held at the Salt Creek Grill. When I went in there a was a seat available at fellow member Trooper Tom's table. I sat down, he asked what was new, I told him my story of looking for a Jones and he said, "I have one in my back yard that I haven't used in years", the rest was history. Had that beauty for 8 years before having to sell her last year.  Above is a picture from the day I packed her into my driveway, October 18, 2011. You can see the original post HERE.