Friday, February 25, 2011

02.25.11 Day 2 at The Bimini Big Game Club

It was a little hard getting up this morning. Late night last night, and lots of Bahamian beer to go with it. We had a nice dinner that included a presentation to Ansil Saunders, the bonefish guide who was on hand 40 years ago when the World Record 16 pound bonefish was caught here in Bimini. And then there was more laughs, and more beer.
     Today we got to go fishing. I was teamed up with 'Bonefish Ebbie" and an outdoor writer from Florida. I was fly fishing and he was using plastics and bait. We had a great day. Tough wind, some cloud cover, skittsy fish, a few missed shots, but we had targets. I had a fish bite through a hook and got a few refusals which was cool to watch across the flats. I landed a nice 22 inch bone that screamed through the fly line and backing once it realized it was hooked.
     Lame photographer forgot the USB card reader so I have to rely on the screen grabs till I get back. Tonight it's a Bonefish Parade and dinner and, well, more beer.