Wednesday, February 23, 2011

02.23.11 Took a walking tour of the JSTU home water, the Toms River

Toms River , May 19, 2010

     It's not the South Branch of the Raritan or the Flatbrook, but its the Toms River and it's the Jersey Shore Chapter of Trout Unlimited's (JSTU) home water. For those anglers who live south of the big bridge on the Garden State Parkway, pickins' are slim. As far as rivers, it's the Manasquan or the Toms, plus a few smaller ones here and there. When I was in high school and my dad lived in Spring Lake Heights I would fish the Manasquan, and that's where the love affair started. Split shot, worms, meal worms, snags, snags, and more snags. I eventually found fly-fishing, and that's where the addiction started. The Toms looks like a prettier version of the Manasquan, although I am told it is a great place for and to fish. Constant water temps, good structure, good cover...well plenty of cover, and a Trout Conservation Area that keeps the harvesters at bay. It also has the JSTU looking out after it. April 23 rd is the JSTU stream cleanup and fishing contest located at Riverwood Park. For more info check out the JSTU website HERE.

We help clean it, stock it, and attempt, as below, to provide signage along it.

Toms River, February 23, 2011