Saturday, February 19, 2011

02.19.11 Just hating photography, cameras, and computers lately..another rant

Same image, different color calibrations

   And here's why. Film, I loved film, I miss film. I miss shooting a roll of film, either developing it myself, and making prints or taking them to photo store to have prints made up. Simple, well simplier right? Then came digital. I remember my first digital point and shoot. It was an HP, about 2.0 megapixels  if I was lucky. I would connect it to my HP printer and boom, nice 4 by 6 prints would eventually come out. Fast forward to now. I have 10,000 dollars in camera bodies alone, a 2,500 dollar computer, and I can't get my images to look even across the board. JPEG, RAW, Adobe RGB, sRGB, iMAC calibrated, yada yada yada. Photoshop, Lightroom, Aperature, iPhoto, enough. Last night I posted a blog and someone commented back on a few of the images, "Nice pics." So after that I had to take a look again to see how they looked. I fired up the families Dell and logged on to the blog. Puukkkkkeeeee, thats puke. That's what I wanted to do. I couldn't believe how horrible those images and many others looked, horrible. So then I checked it out on my daughters HP laptop, better, but no where what it should look like. The other day I sent a bunch of images over via the whatever to Costco to have them printed out, more puke. Horrible. I watched as everyday folks, well, I should call them professionals, asked for their prints, opened the envelops, and stood there happy as a clam as they viewed their pics. I was even trying to look over their shoulders to see how they looked.

     In addition to my frustration with the above, I am now getting sucked further into the trap of Apple. I am contemplating getting an iphone, and even more so contemplating getting an ipad. I feel comfortable with the look and feel with how my images appear with that Apple ( but that's not really what I did to it in Lightroom !) look that things have. A touch more saturated, more contrasty, just more POW!. Maybe soon they will also make cameras and printers, that would help out a ton. 

     So if you happen to have an iMac, an iPhone, and an iPad, then maybe, just maybe, you'll get to see exactly what I see when I hit the send bottom to move images to my website or blog. Uuuurrrrgghhh. My rant is done.