Tuesday, February 22, 2011

02.22.11 A lot of little things...well rants, fishing access, boat motors, ect


  First topic of the day. Shrinking access on the Upper Delaware River. No, this topic isn't from the early 2000's, it's from today. I started fishing the West Branch in the early 1990's. It's now 2011. To say the areas when anglers have access to the rivers has been reduced would be a joke to say the least. The available areas are getting smaller and smaller. I look to the above example in Deposit, NY. What you see are plots of land that are sold or are being sold. The West Branch of the Delaware is on the bottom, Gentleman's Club out of the frame to the left, Airport Road along the top. For those that fish sections on the West Branch known as The Gentlemen's Club, The Cornfield, Barking Dog Pool, and Indian Country, soon it will be harder to access those areas on foot. No longer will the footpaths be available to traverse the land to get to your, and the 100 other anglers, favorite spot. They might as well build a walkway that goes right down the center of the river from Stilesville to Shehawken. For 300 dollars you can walk the length of it, or for an extra 100 take a Jazzy down the walkway, stopping to fish your favorite spots. I also see more and more development as the waterfront properties get sold off. Anyone floating the West Branch has seen the cabins slowly multiplying around the Route 17 Pool that belong to Dream Catcher Estates (wasn't meant to be a plug). Even the West Branch Anglers over the years has expanded to both sides of the river. And, remember those days parking along the tracks and fishing the Upper Gamelands and the along the Monument Pool. "Those were the days my friends.." Hey, I'm not complaining about a persons right to own and develop their land, it just stinks when places you once enjoyed get shutdown. 


     Today I stopped by the boat and jacked up the boat to inflate the tires. A guy at the yard asked me how long the boat has been sitting, "Nine years I answered." Needless to say he laughed when I told him about getting it in the water this season. While there I took some images of the motor info, so I could have some info on the motor, in case someone I speak to needs info on the motor. One thing I really never got into was cars or engines, or boats and engines for that matter. But I can tell you this. I am learning that boats that sit for nine years are never a good thing. Another update, I pulled the rusted spark plugs out. Even though they fractured when I ratcheted them out, they finally did come out. That must be a positive thing!


     Life just goes too fast. That's me about 35 years ago, with stick and fish in hand.