Tuesday, July 27, 2010

07.26.10 Out to sea for The New York Times

Sunday night started what turned out to be a great, but long assignment. We're doing a dining assignment on, well can't say exactly just yet, but it has to do with New Jersey and fishing, fish, fish markets and eating fresh fish. I started the assignment heading out to sea with a local fishing boat. We spent 12 hours fishing. It was a great time and the water was flat and air cool. I tried a few different cool things to make a few good images. The one above is probably my favorite. I was using our Mark III, which was fine, but wish I had a full frame sensor camera, and one that I could have pushed the sensitivity, (ASA, ISO whatever it is) up a few stops higher without the noise. It continued back on land for the morning. By 11 am I was getting tired so I went home and crashed for a bit before getting up and heading south on the Garden State Parkway for the last leg of the job. This was part was a simple dining assignment. Great place, good crowd, okay light. It should make for a good spread, or slide show. Stay tuned for the publish date.