Thursday, July 15, 2010

07.15.10 After Montreal, back in the USA, some fishing, and then back to Jersey

The honeymoon's over they say. Quick recap from the last few days. Montreal was great. Ate way too much. Hotel was great. Ate too much. And oh yeah, ate too much. Came back across the border. Picked up my truck from Excel Transmissions in Plattsburgh where it was finally, hopefully, fixed for good. Took the next day to scout and fish the Salmon River up near the border. Nice water, tough access. Fished the bridges that get stocked and pounded for sure. Didn't catch, move, or see a fish. Flipped some rocks to see what nymphs were home, a few hendricksons. Spent some time in Saranac Lake with my sister. Ate some more. Fished a cooler, 66 degree, section of the upper West Branch one night and caught a bunch on stupid small ( sixe 20 and 22) nymphs and emergers along River Road. Woke up this morning and fled the North Country and headed back to New Jersey. The kids and my ex beat us home after their own 10 day trip down to Hilton Head.

Now it's back to life in New Jersey.