Wednesday, July 21, 2010

07.20.10 Received my new Orvis TLS Power Matrix 9ft 9wt

Last month I snapped my Trident TLS 9ft 9wt 4 piece rod while striper fishing. I sent it in to Orvis for repair and today got a replacement TLS Power Matrix in the mail. It's the same rod, 9ft 9wt, 4 piece. My Trident was a tip flex, and I requested the same if it had to be replaced. They did send a tip flex, but when I look in the online catalog I don't see a tip flex option available. Mmmm. I am going to cast it today and see how it is. Two months ago I snapped my Silver Label TL and they sent a TLS Power Matrix and it seemed nice, until I used Joe DeMarkis' Helios, the two are miles, hundreds of thousand of miles apart. I also see the TLS Power Matrix line on Orvis' website is now being drastically reduced in price. Maybe a mid to upper range line is coming soon.