Saturday, July 24, 2010

07.24.10 Back behind the oars

So it's about 150 degrees out and I decided to load up my two man pontoon boat, my son, a few waters and hit my local watering hole, Deal Lake. This lake is about 150 feet from my house and is a 157 acre lake that feeds into the ocean. It allegedly holds large bass, and ridiculously huge carp. There is also a heavy migratory herring population that spawns in the lake, and occasional stripers that find their way into the brackish eastern end. We dropped in at the launch in Asbury Park and Sean started throwing Mister Twisters and small spinnerbaits to the algae tinged water. The water in the lake is always stained, but with the scorching heat wave we've been in, the algae blooms are in full force and the water is more green than brown. I had a strong headwind on the way up the lake, but it felt good to get a workout behind the oars. The pontoons don't respond well in the wind, so it was that much more work. We stayed out for about 2 1/2 hours with only a few short strikes on the spinnerbait. Below is a picture from the Deal Lake Commission's website boating and fishing section, which says the largemouth bass are quite healthy, mmmmmm.
Deal Lake Commission image

There's tons of docks and structure and lily pads so hitting this with the fly rod would be a lot of fun. There must be crappies, perch or sunnies in there to feed bass, like the one above, is they still are in the lake. More to follow.