Tuesday, August 29, 2017

08.29.17 Been a busy week....

Rob Yaskovic photo

     You know this blogs never 100% about fishing. Had a great and busy week. Last Friday Theresa and I and the girls headed into NYC for my youngest sisters wedding. It was a weekend away and we returned Sunday night. She looked stunning, as did he, and all of the venues and family and extended family were great. Love the pic of me and the kids up top. Crazy just two left under 18.

     The above pic of me and the kids was taken by my friend and wedding photographer Rob Yaskovic. He is one of the best wedding photographer out there. Hands down. If you need one, he's the guy to call. You can visit his website HERE

      While walking the city on Saturday I stopped at Orvis on 5th Ave. Rob was off but I ddi get good help trying some Orvis Hydros Sl reels on the Clearwater and H2 rods. I'n torn between the VI and the V. I picked up a few extra large Surface Seducer heads and when I got home Sunday I tied one up and headed down to the beach. 

     I got down at dark and stayed for about an hour. Big incoming with a humming east wind had me switch the popper and an intermediate line with a Depath Charge 300 with a black Snake Fly. I tried the rocks and the beach but came up blank. 

    Over the past few days I've gone a few times and as I look at churned up water I am always thinking and praying for the people in Texas. Like 5 years ago with Sandy they are getting hit hard, and it keeps coming and appears to be getting worse. A call went out for Psych Nurses to be deployed down for a 9-day stint so I am on the list and ready, well kind of, to head down when they call. Thinking it won't happen for a few weeks as mental health needs will be ongoing.

      The storm and the mild weather has things feeling and looking like fall. I went at big tide, outgoing tide, and low tide and didn't raise a fish. Not that easy with the 20 plus mph winds or the wick sweep but I got it into the zone a bunch of times without a tap. To boot I didn't see any bait either. Hopefully after the blow things will start up....like MULLET!!!!

     And lastly my week before back to work ended today getting ready for the shed/garage that they are coming to build on Monday. We saw it at Costco. I realized I am delusional that I would stick build my own. We pulled the trigger. Done. So in the process of getting ready for the Man Cave #2, I pressure washed Man Cave #1's roof. One thing I know. When I come back in another life I want a career that involves pressure washing really dirty stuff!