Wednesday, August 2, 2017

08.02.17 "I don't have your fly........."

......."Open up and out with it !!!!"

......" I'm not........I don't have it.."

......"Okay I'm gonna come in there and get it......"

....." Okay, okay......I have it, I have it......"

     I had the pleasure of sharing the beach this morning with Scott Stryker of Stryker's Custom Flies. We met on the beach before 5am and gave it a good effort on the outgoing tide. Some really good looking water in the town where we met up but we couldn't get ur' done, or there wasn't anyone home to get done. I did manage the above Atlantic Stargazer, which hits like and pulls like a train until you get break the sand-suction. It wouldn't open it's mouth but finally did with a little muscle and pressure, it was safely released unharmed, and the "AMC" lives another day!

     Speaking of the AMC the other day in a fit of frustration I grabbed a mole crab from Rich's bag and crushed it between my fingers. The orange eggs were visible, on both, and wondering if scent mattered. I put them belly to belly and let the juices transfer, and you know what, I still didn't get a striped bass......yet.

     After finishing up with Scott I hit a beach on the way to pick up Erin. Again, good looking water and nothing to hand. She wanted to hit the boat and we did run out and gave the fluke a shot. Big 6 ounce S&S buck tails with GULP! didn't yield us a fluke but we got two sea robins during our drifts on the wind-with-incoming-tide. Our goal is to get a doormat before the September close arrives.

     We got chased in by some real dark looking skies with thunder and lightning in the distance. She didn't get it at first as we were in the sun, and things were calm. But she got it when 3/4 ths of the way through washing the boat the heavens opened up. For dinner we had some more crabs and 

we gave crab cakes a go for the first time. We used Phillip's Signature Crab Cake Recipe after getting some advice from Richie. They turned out really really good. I went a little long on the cook time so next time I may back off a bit.

      It's back to work the next three days so I won't be on the beach, which is just as well, I need a break for a bit. Fall is coming soon, feeling like maybe sooner than later which is always good. Mahi-Mahi on the pots soon and then albies!