Sunday, August 13, 2017

08.13.17 Hard to find the water during this quick outing......

     School and work, and sometimes family (kidding!) can really screw up ones fishing. I didn't say mine, I said ones. So can a dead low at 533am. Got down to the water at 5 am before work and gave it one hour. Couldn't really find the water and the fishy spots I did find didn't produce with the popper. I'm thinking Thursday when dead low is in the 9ish range. It's starting to feel like fall. It's cool in the morning. There's bait around. It smells fishy. Just need the fish to move on in. Been watching Montauk and it seems like they may be early there this late summer and fall. Fingers crossed.
     One good thing that I always said about dead-low is the ability to scout. Well after a summer where we had some weather the late summer ho-hum tides and weather has just flattened things out along the beach. Very few fishy spots are showing. Not many troughs, like good deep ones, on the dead low. There's changes in gradient, but not the deep holes, at least around my "home waters". It might be time to spread out a bit and give some other old favorites a look before the fall comes. It's less than a month away before the mullet show, and probably a month and a half before Mother Nature rings in the fall with a mullet-run-killing Nor'Easter.