Friday, August 18, 2017

08.18.17 Had to work hard to get one but at least the storm didn't show......

     First off just want to send a shout-out Happy Birthday to my first born son Ryan who turns 21 today. Always proud to be his Dad, along with the rest of the kids. Wish he was around for a beer.

     When I woke I expected to see the lightning flashes and hear the rain hitting the windows.....nope. Quiet and dry. Got down at 5 am and started with the black Snake, nothing. Popper, nothing. Really, nothing. Walked and walked and walked some more before finding good water that went with the right to left sweep, right to left swell, and south wind. Casting righty sucks in any of those, especially all three. 

     When I did find that spot I new it was fishy and someone would be home. After about 100 over the left shoulder casts this bass hit it just as it was in the top of the last wave that hit the beach. It was a good fight in the bigger water and even bette because one, there was a trough, and two, he tried to hide back in it. Just as I was about to get a quick pic before getting him back in the water that right

 to left sweep suck up behind me and washed the fish away and filled the reel with sand. I can't complain it's my first August bass of the this year, at least I'm on the board.