Saturday, August 5, 2017

08.05.17 I cannot tell a lie......

     God I love my wife. She just put in a long week on her orientation as a hospice nurse. I just finished two long 13 hour days on the unit. Both girls are with us and are in that "what are we doing/ eating next mode". And it's 315 am and your dopey husband is up way before his alarm goes off and tries to quietly exit the 100 year old house with creaky floors to go fishing......


......and this is the text that I get. While I appreciate the 514 am check in, it's the 325 am one that makes me smile,"fish or us", and in a way, feel bad for her and other fishing guys or girls spouses.

     So I was out early and was hyped until I got there and as I walked onto the beach the lightning started to put on a show behind and in front of me. I checked the radar and soon was getting updates from Leif who was planning on coming down. Then the heavens opened up. I got back into my truck and slept for a half and hour before Leif pulled up and had me notice it wasn't raining anymore.

    Once out there it wasn't bad except the "new" outflows really empty out everything in the streams and sewers and depending on which way the current rolls can determine how shitted up the water gets  in front of you. I went black Snake Fly, AMC, Banger with a dropper, Clouser and for a bit a Lief-tied Fish-Skull Surface Seducer Howitzer HERE. While I have mostly used a Bob's Banger for my topwater action these are nice. They are foamy, and I don't think would stand up well to bluefish fangs. They come in white and chartruese,  I'd like to see them in black.

      As far as fishing. I fished hard, and long, way to long staying until 930. As I was walking the bright green in the sand stood out, it was a GULP! tail. Since I hadn't had a touch I figured what the hell and hooked it behind an AMC....and got this fluke on it right in the trough. After the fish I took it off and didn't get a touch for


another 1,000 feet of beach before switching flies. As the water ebbed the tight beach water was really looking good. As I was pulling my fly out a nice schoolie hit it but I was all screwed up and missed the hookset. This is where barbed hooks would help....oh well.