Monday, August 21, 2017

08.21.17 'Where are you?".......Not good

Lief Peterson photo
     That was the text I got shortly before 7am. "Where are you?" I swore I was off today.....but I was wrong. So I walked into the hospital smelly, sweating, with clothes that were too tight, and commando to boot. Luckily we found some scrubs and some disposable underwear. I showered in the sink, and then got pulled to the adult floor.

     Got down at 5 and covered a few beaches really good but I can't shake the skunk. Joe and Lief were at another town and Joe found one that took a popper.  It seems like a one fish per beach late August. There was all the rain bait and snappers you could want but the bass were elusive or not around.
Lief Peterson photo
Joe Phiefer photo
      After work I decided to run down for 45 minutes just as high tide arrived. The south wind was honking making for good white water but I didn't do anything, and was giving my "didn't get anything report" and Lief said the same thing......."nothing'. But he then went back and got one....and may still be out there as I write this. Have to wait for that report later.

LP Photo