Wednesday, August 9, 2017

08.09.17 Every (old) man has their (birth)day....

     Alright. I'm not sure if he's just always lucky, or is just fishy and catches a lot, I mean a lot, of fish. For some reason you could fish a spot, or fish right next to him, and he will catch and you will not. Even if you're using the same fly.

Leif in his younger years, maybe 2012
     Well today is his birthday and I guess the fish Gods gave him a gift. Actually his day started off with a gift from his son, Leif, who tied him up a couple of nice looking Howitzers in chartreuse. Well i got down to the beach and was fishing by 4am, mostly casting onto the sand since it was just starting to ebb after a full moon blow out low tide. I did find some water and as it came in the sun came up and it made for some pretty sweet looking popper water. I kept checking the watch as I had to split

from the beach around 615 to get to the hospital by 630 and do my Clark Kent uniform change. Before I left I saw Leif in the distance working his way towards me, at one point I saw him starting to back-up and then look down on the beach......right in a spot that I had worked in the near dark. I knew he got one. Of course he did. That fish turned out to look like a hybrid striped bass due to the blurred lines running its body. As I made my way to work and Leif and Joe and I traded reports, he hit us

with the picture up top, a real nice fish, in water that I covered that gave him a great tear off and run. Hey, its his birthday, and he's getting old, so let him have his fun while he can. I was using a Leif tied Howitzer in white, but only on the way out did I realize that both eyes had peeled off, not in whole, but in half. I wonder if that is a flaw there somewhere, and remember I haven't caught a fish on it yet. 


And lastly, I've been wondering what has been flipping in the suds the last couple of mornings while out. We came up with chub mackerel. Here's a pic of one that I think I highjacked off Facebook but remember who to credit, so I'm sorry for that. They look like perfect August-big-bass scoobie snacks.