Monday, August 7, 2017

08.06-07.17 Two slow days on the beach......

       Spent yesterday exploring an old haunt. Haven't been here in some time and it felt good to have a different view and different rocks to navigate. Didn't turn a fish and spent most of my time with a variety of poppers that didn't move a fish. I haven't caught a fish up top all summer, and usually August is a great month for early morning poppin'.

     Leif took a picture of me and Joe got freaked out as it looked like I was being pulled up into the heavens. If you look closely there's a double of me just on top of the water line and some weird stuff going up into the clouds. Hopefully that wasn't my silent close call.

Leif Peterson photo
     Just because I haven't been catching doesn't mean there aren't fish around. I saw this photo on Fish Monger's Facebook page. That's what a 30-something inch 14 pound fluke and a 10 pound fluke look like. Would love to get one in the wash! The beach has been slow......real slow......annoying slow.

FishMonger Charters photo
     And it seems me and the guys are going to enter the world of the Fish-Skull Surface Seducer poppers now. I fished one long and hard today and have some early opinions on them. As time goes, and hopefully I get some fish, I'll be able to come up with some pros and cons. Right now it's looking pretty prosey.....especially for Lief who got the below fish in skinny water as the light turned on. Tough week as it's a mix of work and my last week of school for the summer. Finals are Thursday through Sunday and then I am FREE for a month.

Lief Peterson photo