Wednesday, August 23, 2017

08.23.17 Note to self.......The big button takes the picture and.....

the little one turns it off. Worked hard for about an hour starting at 5am on the incoming without a tap. Didn't walk too far as the waters in front of me looked good. I did squeak out one bass that took the popper right near the beach side of the trough. It might have went 22" and I made a cool release photo of it, I think, but I mistakingly hit the wrong button and turned the camera off rather than capturing an image. Oh well. Lots of micro bait around and some birds looking and picking. 

     I went with the popper/dropper set-up and was surprised that I didn't get one snapper on the trailer. I did have a fluke follow it right up to the rocks but it didn't commit. It's getting to that low-tide at first light tide again so you have to find fishy water or you're just casting onto the replenished-but-washing-back sand. Nice morning. Albies soon.