Saturday, September 29, 2012

09.29.12 Love seeing anglers getting hooked on fly fishing

     My family is having a heavy week. My Mother In Law has been in the ICU for 13 days so if you pray, please include us in your prayers. It was good to get out this morning, not knowing how it would fish on the full moon and front that had just passed. Of course we were looking for our three favorite fall species, stripers, blues, and albies. Well, we stayed out there for about 6 hours and didn't see any large predatory fish, but tons of fun fly rod sized ones.

     Rich fishes a lot, and catches a lot of fish. He spin fishes.....but 20 years ago he fly fished a little. Well lately he's been itching to give salt water fly fishing a go. So the other day he asked me about flies and some line for his fly rod and he said he was going to give it a try off the beach. So he pulled it out on a day that I wasn't on the beach solo or with a client. Don't you know within an hour he's texting me pics of just under keeper sized fluke and small blues.


     This morning we got the boat wet before six and when we turned the Hook we had tons of birds on small bluefish and hickory shad on bait. Rich landed a nice blue to start things off and then we went on patrol. We marked a few deep fish but couldn't get a swipe or a bite. We started on the outgoing, wandered around through slack, and then caught a bunch as the tide turned.
     Throughout the morning we talked about new reels, and rods, and line....and flies....and he said he spent some time on the Orvis website....which he knew I would I gave him the Helios to throw which I knew that he would like.

We also talked about how one would handle having both a fly rod and a spinning rod in the truck on any given morning......what to bring? Because everyone knows you never come back once you leave the sand or rocks.