Monday, September 17, 2012

09.17.12 Got out to look before some nasty weather rolls in tomorrow

     I had the afternoon free so I posted on Facebook that I was going to look for fish out front. 20 seconds later my phone rang. It was Captain Paul Eidman of Reel Therapy and the Menhaden Defenders. He said he was looking to do the same so we met up at the Belmar Municipal boat ramp and got out. Paul runs a Jones Brothers 19'10 LT so I felt right at home. The tide was just incoming and the winds were from the S at a steady 7. We were looking for albies and chased some birds up into Long Branch but only found bluefish under the birds. We drifted along the beach working as close to the groins as possible before heading out a bit to watch as the birds picked away at the rain fish. Paul had a spinning rod on board and teased the birds up with a popper that made shooting them a little easier. 

Looking forward to hitting the beach with some snot coming our way over the next few days.