Monday, September 10, 2012

09.10.12 It's time for Tabory's Snake Flies

     It's that time of year. Most surf anglers have been waiting for a few things to happen, air and water temps to drop, snotty weather to start, bass and albies to show up....and mullet and other baits to empty from the protection of the bays, rivers, and inlets. Usually the start of the fall run happens around the big tides of the full and or new moons. In the last day or so we've seen mullet cruising along the shore and bass, not in big numbers or size, blowing up on them and or poppers or plugs in the surf. For the fly rodder nothing beats a Lou Tabory Snake Fly let to swim in the upper third of the water column just off the beach on the outgoing tide. I know one such fly angler who could make his living with Snake Flies ( and you know who you are!), and today he was out there and caught and released a nice start-of-the-fall striper.
     Today I sat down at the vise and collected the needed materials to tie up a few Snake Flies. This was the first, and they got better as I went along. Spinning deer hair is an art and no one does it better than tyer Pat Cohen. Take a look at his flies HERE, just incredible, and incredibly tight.

Time to get back to work, need to switch materials in order to tie some in different colors.