Saturday, September 1, 2012

09.01.12 Back on the beach....lots of bait and hungry fish too

     It's always nice to get away, then a little hectic coming home, but always nice to get back on the beach and the rocks. Got out this morning on the incoming and found the above spin angler trying for some early morning bass. As it got closer to high tide things started happening as the small blues from snappers to 2 pounds, weakfish, and small fluke pushed the rain fish up against the rocks and beach. The snappers were in an all out blitz for several minutes pushing the bay anchovies up onto the beach. I stayed with a larger-than-bait Clouser trying to drum up a larger fluke from the bottom.

It's getting close to the fall, and soon the mullet will pour out of the bays and inlets which should make for some very fun early morning fly rodding.