Monday, September 24, 2012

09.24.12 Schoolie action at sun up

     Beautiful fall morning on the Jersey Shore. Outgoing tide, W wind, lots of bait, and schoolie bass and blues on the prowl. When I arrived at the beach in the dark I was the only one there so I had my pick of the beach. I opted to to take the walk out on the tip of the groin to see what was up. I threw a popper in the dark without a bump and then went with a white Snake Fly as first light light painted the horizon. My buddy Rich came in behind me and moved into a spot off the beach. I watched as bass blitzed rain bait off the tip of the rocks and made a move to get even further out, but waves crashing where I wanted to go held me at bay. So I went and joined Rich.
     Just at sun rise he hooked into a nice schoolie (which is the above fish) that grabbed a Bomber. He had landed 2 more while I was out on the rocks. We continued to fish a the sun rose and the by then the bite had slowed. Cocktail blues continued to run through the rain bait but the bigger fish had moved out.