Saturday, September 22, 2012

09.22.12 Went from bass to blues....and found a sweet fly in my window

     Out early this a.m. catching the last of the outgoing and fishing to hour two if the incoming. The bass have moved, and my friend came up with a great theory. Two days ago we had a good bass bite here in Monmouth County if you were up and out for it, yesterday Ocean County had a good bite. I think that was the first wave of fish that came in got on the mullet, and made their way south. It sounded good to both of us as we talked about it, but as always, 'Who really know's".
     We had blues crashing mullet and rain fish and I had a schoolie bass breach for a popper in the wash. I had a gator blue tail up on the crest of a wave but it never got hooked. A few other anglers out and they  had the same results, blues- including a huge gator, and a keeper fluke. My buddy landed a few blues on metal.
     When we left Rich as me if I wanted to try some bluefish he had put in the smoker yesterday. Now, I hadn't had a cup of coffee yet, and wasn't looking forward to that nasty bluefish taste in my mouth, but I gave it a shot. After a few bites and swallows, I thought I might just put "Smoker" on my Christmas list. Man was it surprisingly good. When I walked over to my truck I noticed a sweet Snake Fly tucked into my window. I assume it was left by Leif, a hardcore angler, who breaks out the fly rod in the fall and fishes the mullet run hard with his own tied Snake Flies. One day he was explaining how he likes to tie in the marabou rather than wrap it. He says he prefers the action, and from the looks of it, it looks like a more meatier fly.