Friday, July 27, 2012

07.27.12 Tying up some breakfast for tomorrow...

     I have wanted to sit down and tie some flies for a while now. My fly wallet is a little unorganized I realized I need to get some more Clousers tied up and ready. I started playing around and came up with this fly that I've called the "Sandsweeper"*. I wanted to have a Clouser type fly that will push some water in combination with a nice tail that will give the fly some life.

*There seems to be a trend that fly tiers are taking credit for claiming to invent or come up with new fly patterns.....I am not claiming any of it.....but I did name this variation of several flies put together the "Sandsweeper"

I'll be fishing with it tomorrow so I'll be able to check out the action and see if any fish are interested.