Friday, July 6, 2012

07.06.12 Went carping....and my Helios went snap

     I wanted to get into the latest fly fishing craze, carp fishing, so I grabbed my Helios 9ft 5 wt and my daughter and took a ride to my local mud hole. Found a bunch of hogs grazing in the muck and gave it a shot. Sight fishing to bubbles, tails, and wakes was fun until my Helios went snap on a basic cast. It must have had a sore spot from some previous outing.
     We went home and I grabbed my 7wt Hydros and we went back at it. Found a monster in the shallows and sent my rubber legged nymph flying near the gray to black discolored water. As the bubbles approach the fish blew out with my fly in it's mouth. After a run and a turn it was gone.....and my daughter said I lost the fish because I didn't reel it in....."Next time my little pretty"