Friday, July 27, 2012

07.27.12 Post storm schoolie striped bass this morning

     We had some good weather come west to east last evening but this morning was clear and wind free. As I made my way through town I could see lots of surfers making the same trek I was. That only means one thing,  swells. They were 3ft at 7 secs so it wasn't bad at all, you just have to time your cast correctly.
     I got down to the beach around 515 am and tied on a chartruese/white Clouser minnow . I found some real nice beach structure and had good current moving in a nice rip two hours before low tide. When I first started I realized my two handed retrieve was pulled the fly too fast and hard through the water, so I slowed down and the fish were there. You know if your fishing good water when every time you take a step you are at a different elevation or step into a trough or pocket.
     The surfers were out in force but I had plenty of beach to myself.

There are bass around you just have to work for them. I know the back bays in southern New Jersey are alive with life and producing well. I read a forum yesterday where a guy said he was fishing in the back and he stopped counting at 50 stripers in a few hours. That sounds like a great outing but I don't know if I would have needed to stay that long!