Sunday, July 22, 2012

07.22.12 Summer is a great time to brush up on your casting skills and scout the beaches

     Love getting work done early before the heat rolled in! This morning Craig and I continued our casting lessons spending time in the wash getting ready for the fall run. He picked up his first fly rod in May and will be all ready when the stripers come back down in the fall. In the meantime we pick up fluke hear and there as we work on casting all types of fly lines on different weight rods. In a month we'll have some bigger blues to target as we work off the beaches and groins. If you are, or anyone you know, that is interested in learning how to fly fish or wants to learn how to fly fish in the salt water please give me a call, 732.261.7291.

I knew the surf was kicking when I pulled into 8th Ave in Asbury Park and saw 100 cars in the lot, that means there's surfers in the water. I did find one guy who caught and released a short fluke in Allenhurst and my buddy Rich was out and had hickory shad bite while he fished for fluke off the rocks. It's the dog days of summer and with the kids home, summer vacations, projects to do around the house, and, our favorite fish not around in any numbers, fishing is put on the back burner. Can't wait for the late summer and fall to arrive.