Saturday, July 7, 2012

07.07.12 Went out before the temps get crazy

     Today the temps are supposed to hit 99 degrees. I wanted to get out early so by 515 am I was walking the low tide beach on my way to what I thought would be a great spot this morning. Worked hard with a chartreuse/ white and then pink/white Clouser.
     What was cool was I found small bait near the wash and decided to throw the fly into it, just after it hit the water a fluke grabbed it, much further up in the water column then I would have thought. I made about 15 casts to the same area and in less then 10 minutes had 5 short fluke to 16 inches.
     In addition to the fluke I caught, or really snagged, a half a dozen fresh shed crabs like this egg carrying female above. Sometimes it was tricky trying to unhook the crab without getting pinched.

The short fluke to keeper ratio this spring with the fly rod is about 20:1, and I'm due again for my :1.