Monday, July 23, 2012

07.23.12 To Mt. Sinai for a head scan....but had time to stop at the Orvis New York store

     So I had to get a cat scan of my head today at Mt. Sinai. I hate getting old, wait, is 44 even old? My sinuses are a mess and the ones closest to my brain are infected and shut down and blah, blah, blah..... I did make the best of my time with my car in the parking garage and jumped on the 6 train from 96th Street and headed downtown to see my buddy Rob and check out things at the Orvis store. I had to pick up a few things for a client of mine who is heading out tomorrow for Chatham for a few days of fly fishing the Cape with Orvis Endorsed Guide Tony Biski, He hated using my stripping basket as it always worked its way down around his ankles so now he has a brandy new one to fit just right.

     It's always cool to browse the shop and see what Rob and his staff have out that's current. I saw the above display for the Titanium Predator Leader which will come in handy when the second wave of big blues hit next month. There's a great selection of flies for both the fresh and salt water and I couldn't help but play with a few Softy Minnows which Rob said, "Is a go to fly for for albies!" which will hopefully be here later next month or early September.

And now for the kind-of-news-kinda-sorta.......the first picture below is the current entrance to the Orvis store at 44th and 5th Ave in Manhattan. And, below that, is a vacant storefront that is currently being fitted out for, lets say, maybe a retail store of some kind? This one is located on 5th between 42nd and 41st Streets. Sure would make a nice new Orvis store wouldn't it. *

* We are not responsible for starting rumors that may be correct or incorrect....