Thursday, July 19, 2012

07.19.12 Back from Roscoe....back from Canon

     I have been asked several times about the cameras I use. When I am on assignment I shoot with Canon 7d's and when I am fishing I use a Canon G12. This will be my third G12 since the first two I sunk or got wet. This camera is small enough to fit in my waterproof Orvis Gale Force Backpack or Slingpack but it packs a lot in it's little size. The best feature for me is that it shoots both JPEG and RAW. Most of the time I shoot while putting together a short story for the blog. But sometimes I need the best quality of that image if a magazine or newspaper editor requests an image for print. In this months Eastern Fly Fishing magazine I have several images in that issue that were shot with the G12.

     I have been without this camera for several weeks and have had to fit the bigger nd more expensive G12 inside my backpack and pull it out to make some images. Not cool to bring out a 3,000 set up as waves are crashing on the rocks.

Roscoe with the wife's side of the family was a hoot. We had a dumpster party and danced around the campfire at night like wild......white people.....can't say Indian's as my sister-in-laws partner is Native American! Ate a bunch of meals at the Roscoe Diner and a great meal on night at The Rockland House. The rivers were high and turbid when we got there due to the heavy rains...and then low and warm when we left so I'm glad the fly rods stayed home.