Friday, July 29, 2011

07.27-29.11 What a trip to the Adirondacks...hit a deer, did some work, dog sisters met, had a great dinner in Saranac Lake with sis and her man

     It was horrible. I was in the middle lane on the New York State Thruway driving with traffic on both sides of me when a doe ran out into traffic. The doe slowed in the fast lane and a buck followed. I couldn't go right or left, so I just kept my speed and hoped to freeze the deer, and then maybe the guy in the slow lane could swerve. Forget it. The buck hit my truck right in the front quarter panel above the wheel and then hit all along my passenger side and even rear bumper. Thank God no other vehicles were involved and no humans got hurt, although it sucks for the deer. After looking at the surprisingly heavy damage along my truck I walked back to see if I could drag the deer off the road. As I got closer I could see the deer was still alive. I stood on the shoulder waiting for a break in the traffic when all of a sudden a tractor trailer ran over the deer, killing it and really making a mess. As I turned to walk back to my truck a DOT pick up pulled up and the driver dragged the deer to the side. I waited for the State Police to come so I could get a report started for the insurance company. I was on my way in about 30 mins and Lola and I continued up to Ausable Forks.

     Both houses looked good and I tightened up the yards and did some painting on the porch. We are taking a family vacation up there next week so I spruced everything up. I took Lola down to the Junction Pool below my house to introduce her to the West Branch. I was also able to reunite my dog Lola with her sister Lily. My sisters boyfriend drove down to the Forks for some beer and dinner at Mad River Pizza. The dogs had a blast wrestling and biting each other for hours while we sat and shot the shit. Remember the house is available for weekly or weekend rentals year round- the fall and winters are a great time to visit. Call 732.261.7291 for availability.

     Two other quick things about this quick trip. I was able to fish for about 10 mins. I drove over to my sisters in Saranac Lake and before getting there I hit Sumner Brook, which always gives up a brookie or two. Well not today. I was only to catch what I thought was a emerald shiner. The other thing to mention was a fantastic place to eat, fantastic. My sister and her boyfriend have been talking up this place and I finally got to go. If you are in the Saranac Lake- Lake Placid area hit the Eat and Meet Grill on Broadway in Saranac Lake. It was that good. You can check more on it HERE 

Sumner Brook, NY