Tuesday, July 5, 2011

07.05.11 Poppin' in the Avon early morning wash...I'm moving away from stripers as they move away themselves

     Got out a little after and fished a choppy low tide to the start of the incoming. I had one fish attempt to take the above barbless popper but missed. I have to figure out how to get three treble hooks to hang off this fly so I don't miss another one! Kidding of course.
    I have enjoyed this spring into the early summer but am now going to move onto different things till the fall run. I might give fluke and the schoolies a shot but it will be more a now and then thing. I am planning out taking a drive out to Montauk in the next week or so.
     As the summer starts to heat up so do the waters we fish, and with that should come responsible fishing. It is difficult at times, for both client and guide, but fishing in "hot" water will just stress and kill the fish. If your fish haven't moved out and up along the coast or into deeper water of the rivers and lakes, then they are holding in places where the water is cool and as oxygenated as possible. Bring your thermometer and stick the water before you fish, and while you fish. Land the fish as soon as possible, keep them in the water, and revive them and make sure their strong before you release them.

Huge fish kill in the West Branch of the Ausable, summer 2010- water temps over 70 degrees

    On the thermometer subject. Mike McAuliffe of Rise Form Studio recently wrote about the importance of calibrating your thermometers before use. I wish I remembered where he wrote it because it was a good how to. Anyway, enjoy the summer, fish responsibly, and be safe.

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