Friday, July 22, 2011

07.22.11 Just a tad hot here in Monmouth County...and brought the boat home

    I'm sure it was hotter in other places- the center of the earth, hell, Newark- but it was this hot, if not hotter here along the New Jersey coast. Part of today's work was unloading about a ton of red brick from the pick up and then getting the boat out of my fathers construction yard. It has been bounced around as the workers move to access other equipment they use for building and bridge erection. I have busy with a major landscape project at the house and next week will be traveling on assignment in Cape May so today was day to do it. I'm sure some of you know the boat story. I purchased it on a whime in 2003 when my life was in a tangled mess. I put it in the water that sumer at Tradewinds Marina in Sea Bright. I may have taken it out a half a dozen times. I winterized it and then it sat, for the next 7 years. Covered sometimes, most times not. I have seen three feet of water in it, and 10 feet of snow over it. There have been snakes and bees and skunks living about it. BUT, now is the time. I first have to figure out if she'll even start. So I started out this new journey at the do it yourself car wash in Neptune. Then I drove it home, well towed it home, and parked it out front of the house. My wife and a few neighbors laughed. One guy thought it was nicer and had all the confidence that I would get her going. Most think I should burn it or bring it to a salvage yard. It's a 1996 Marathon cuddy with a Mercruiser I/O. Any thoughts or tips let me know. Thanks

At the yard

At home !