Tuesday, July 12, 2011

07.12.11 My new fishing partner, well our new addition to the fan damily!

     After a few years of steady pressure from the kids the wife and I caved in and went ahead and did it. Recently my sister purchased a full blood yellow labrador retriever from a breeder and at that time one puppy in the litter was still available. It seemed like a nice story, my sister and I having sister dogs, yada yada. We asked about the dog when my sister was waiting for hers and were told the dog wasn't in fact available. Yesterday I took the kids out to the Puppy "places" on Route 130 to try and breed search and just by chance made a call to my sisters breeder to ask about a future litter. Well, the above dog that was the last one left was now available. We went and looked at it at 430 yesterday afternoon and picked her up at 2 today. So far so good, below is a little video of what I can expect!