Saturday, July 16, 2011

07.16.11 Told you things in Asbury Park would change

8th Ave Asbury Park

     Earlier this week I wrote about the proposed changes to the northern beachfront in Asbury Park. It used to be a section of the waterfront that was looked over by folks other than fisherman, dog owners, and surfers. This morning I brought Lola, that's her official name now after a family vote, down to the ocean for the first time. I wasn't surprised to see curbing, signage and parking meters throughout the once moon like terrain parking lot. It's almost over guys. Next they will pave it. Then they will park construction trailers there. Then shut down the dog and surfers beaches. Maybe we can get the guys who prowl that area at night contact the local law office and file a lawsuit on their behalf, it might be the only way to save that area for those who've used it for years.

Lola's first taste of the salt