Saturday, July 9, 2011

07.09.11 8th Avenue may never be the same if Bradley Cove comes to town...

    If you ever hang in the parking lot at the 8th Avenue in Asbury Park then you've seen the scene above. Usually it's guys from the Asbury Park Fishing Club gathered and watching and waiting for fish to show up. To the north of 8th Ave is Loch Arbor, to the south is the surfers beach. Just behind that is Asbury Towers, the senior citizens building. This access area is used heavily by anglers, surfers, and dog walkers when out of the summer season. Now that Asbury Park has new parking meters on just about every street in the city, people are now parking in this lot for free and hoofing down to the beaches near Convention Hall. People are noticing. The town fathers, investors, builders, the police, residents, bennies- everyone is noticing this little piece of heaven that after dark is more like a patch of barren earth where men wait seeking men.
     It could all be over if the state of New Jersey approves a new development of 15 three story townhouses to be built. The city has given Asbury Partners the go ahead but because of ownership right the state has called riparian claim. The state of New JErsey must release it's claim to allow the project to continue. In Addition to this proposed project, the area north of the senior citizens building under planning for an eight story residential building. Below is the Google Earth view, showing the treatment

plant and senior citizens building in the left corner and the 8th Ave groin at the top. The proposed townhouses are just east, to the right, of the senior building. Once one project gets approved more will sure be on the way. The parking lot we all park at when the tourists are long gone will be a 8 story building or metered parking. Beware- change is not always good! To sign a petition go HERE

* I first read about this in a great article by Dan Jacobson and the Tri-City News staff in it's May 26, 2011 issue on this topic

Bradley Cove looking from the south

Bradley Cove looking from the end of the 8th Ave groin