Tuesday, July 19, 2011

07.19.11 Aahhhh...back in the New Jersey salt

      I got up before the dog did so I took a ride down to Avon. I was on the beach around 515am and threw a popper in the wash from the Avon Pavilion down to the Shark River Inlet. I fished along both sides of the rocks but had to get in and out of the frigid water because my toes started to hurt from the cold. Surface temps are 72 degrees but down under must be around 60. The water has been cool for a few days now. 
     I fished around the jetty at the inlet but came up empty. There were guys throwing plugs, metal and plastic for schoolies, blues, and fluke but I didn't see any sign of fish in and out of the water. It was nice to get out even for a short while.