Tuesday, March 30, 2021

03.30.21 Nothing going on on the top of the tide...

     So after two of back to back bass the last two days have only a good tug to show for it. Top of the tide, waters moving, went with the 12 weight with the 450 grain line, and a bigger fly. I wanted to see if the fish spread out and down when the water is fuller between the banks. 

     Today I had Erin with me, my good luck charm. We stayed about 20. minutes, she chased back into the truck after some cloud of hatching something overtook us. As we left and headed home I realized I didn't have my phone. A few months back Erin and I exchanged info for the "Find My" app, so we could find each other in case something nefarious happened. So she searched for me and low and behold my phone was along the bank of the river. Lucky me. 

     Then as we drove around she put up her window and yup....another tip broken off. Uncle Leif handled the last one so maybe he has another laying around and few minutes to operate on it. Sounds like nasty rain is coming, maybe a just a bump in the river, and not chocolate mud with stumps floating by, thats never good for striped bass fishing. 

      And is the Raritan going yet? Here's a nice 58 pound specimen caught and released today.... Angler Bobby Read from Back Bay Plugs, read about it in The Fisherman Magazine this week.