Wednesday, March 3, 2021

03.03.21 Here comes the 'Shore Protection Fund" Bill S-1071.....

     So Bill S-1071 is going up for a vote tomorrow. It's titled the "Shore Protection Fund". It seeks raise the amount that New Jersey coughs up every year for beach replenishment from $25 million to $50 million. Have a problem you don't know how to fix? Throw more money at it. You can read the bill, sponsored by Tom Jean Jr and Vin Gopal, HERE.

     Where does that money come from? You. In what form...taxes. The money will come from the Realty Transfer Tax that is sucked from real estate transactions done here in New Jersey. You selling your house in Sparta? Well proceeds from your sale as you try and exit this state will benefit the rich homeowners along the Jersey Shore. That shack in the woods you bought 40 years go and are finally feeling for greener pastures? Well part of your sweat equity will go to save the beachfront paradises of those transplants from Brooklyn that have bought, knocked down, and rebuilt that multi million dollar home along Ocean Avenue in Deal. 

     Sounds fair right? Good idea? Sure. Please don't get me started, I've had enough.