Sunday, March 28, 2021

03.28.21 A.M. lockjaw...


    So here's an idea what can float down the river behind you and knock you off your feet if you're not aware of what's going on behind you. This very large stump is now perched on "the jetty", it'll be interesting to see after the rain if the river bumps enough to have it go on its way. 


   At O dark thirty the Trenton Police had Route 29 shut down for a few miles with lots off emergency vehicles working a scene on the south bound side. Not sure it was a fatal accident or a drive by shooting. Its been busy down in these parts lately, with a double homicide at the Sunoco station on 29 keeping everyone on the lookout. I always feel a little leary fishing in the dark down there as the homeless encampments are just a stones throw form the water. 

    After a day of finding fish you always think you're dialed in and the fish will be there again. Fished the same spots as yesterday and even across the state line without a tap. I had the pleasure of having a guy fish over me from the perch high a top the wall and three times his braid wrapped around my ear, or tangled my fly line. I'm all for sharing spots, but at least put on your waders and get wet. That's him in the picture below watching as his rubber eel works from right to left just over the top of my head. I was hoping I landed a big fish, and deservedly so. 

     Below the rain started I moved up river a bit, again no love. But this fishing is the fishing of 1,000 casts. The water moves right to left on the Jersey side and its quick. Cast, swing, strip, pick up and repeat. Sometimes you can find a pocket or a flat which slows down the process a bit. It's only going to get better, and its not too bad being humbled yet again. 

     I have to say while I dislike social media I do like the "Memories" portion of Facebook. Some mornings its a pick of my kids, and I love when Ryan's photo pops up. Today it was a post from 9 years ago from when I did some tying at Orvis in Manhattan. I was using Yak hair, which is good, 

but the method I used at that time, well, was amateur. Hollow style would have worked better, but I do like the blend of colors and the length. Hook size was too small also. I also donated two flies to the river today....time to hit the vice.