Wednesday, November 25, 2020

11.24.20 Alright now what...

     Trying to figure things out from a distance. Watching the wind and wether reports and making calls to go or not a few days ahead. Yesterday I cancelled which which was a good call. Today the wind is S, which I hate but not bad in speed. The water has been dirty on the beach after a few days of a hard blow.

     I see many of the guides have called it quits for the year. I think we have good fishing, cold fishing, ahead of us. That means into the second and third week of December. If the temps stay around 45 degrees, air temp, you can have an enjoyable day, but it usually starts out with the wind in your face cold on the way out. So I'll be looking to go for the next three weeks or so before shutting it down.

     I am starting to get my rods back from Orvis rod repair. The first I sent in was a 9ft 10W Clearwater, love this rod, recommend it for the beginner or a back up rod, hell even a daily service rod. Instead of fixing they just sent a new one. My biggest complaint with the lower priced odds, as I have explained in the past, is the use of filled cork on the grip. eventually, especially in the salt the pieces fall out and it looks like someone with bad and missing teeth. But otherwise a good rod, remember this pic as I will compare it after some time in the salt. 

     The other day while having Chris out I left Deal and started the journey north looking for signs of life. we stopped at Big Monmouth and I quickly saw the aftermath of beach replenishment, again. when we talk about overhead and the beach, its usually from surfers talking about the waves. Well in New Jersey overhead and the beach can be the Cliff of Mohr that can literally hurt you or, if timed wrong, cause you to fall into the bass and drown. The above pic was taken from a post on Stripers Online. 

    And lastly, after two -yers, I finally got my Case 224 up and running. Not fishing related in any way, but when you live win the country one of these, is a must have. Mowing deck, plow, snow blower and leaf attachment- ready to roll now.