Tuesday, November 10, 2020

11.10.20 Great day out with my first mate...

     The balmy and beautiful weather continues but I think the bite has slowed down a bit. Started this morning putting in a new feel line and primer ball, all Yamaha parts this time. Had to wait for Erin to finish school at 12, and then a quick stop at Jean's Canvas to pick up the repaired boat covers, and splashing at Atlantic Highlands at 130. 

     Not sure what I did worked but we had no hiccups with the engine the four hours we were out. Started turning the Hook and heading out to the three mile line around Sea Bright. Just found birds flying in every direction, never honed in on bait or bass on top.

     While Erin got a bite in I realized there was a lot of movement in the radar stick. Whatever it attaches to gave way and I had to hold it steady as I maneuvered south looking for life.  I decided it was just a little too much for a dad and daughter outing so we turned and headed to New York. 

     It was there on the Pst bank that we found good life. Big bunker exiting the New York Bay and heading out, with tons of birds overhead. Had a mini-fleet with us and we didn't catch nor did we see anyone else hook up. We fished and fished without a tap. It was one of those late afternoons where you just thought it was going to go off, but never did. 

    We headed out back and found tons of pods of big bunker with nothing on them. There was occasional spray but I think one got nervous and that speed thought the pod. With Erin throwing a rubber shad and me throwing a big bunker fly we worked around the pods again without a tap. 

     As light left I hoped the Navy Pair might have some action but it was dead there also. Four hour trip, engine ran strong, had a great time with Erin, didn't catch a fish, but that was okay. Only hiccup this trip was the radar tower coming loose somewhere, that'll be the next thing to address. Without the poling platform I'm okay with the radar, for now. Second date with the boat was a success. I feel what it must be like to break a horse in, right now were even.