Thursday, November 12, 2020

11.12.20 The hits just keep on coming....

    So the other day while on the boat the radar took a beating in some slop, not washing machine slop, but just enough to send this thing in directions it shouldn't. I looked at it today to try and figure what ws up. In the process I came up with a brilliant idea. Jim had a large styrofoam noodle that he had used as a bumper and after whipping out a razor and some tape, and a Band Aid after nearly cutting off my finger, I made something to slow the radars roll. 

     Now you have to remember, Jim the mad scientist did so many things on this boat that I new each time out would be a new discovery. First time, fuel or vacuum problem or whatever...check, next time out the radar...check. So here's what I did. I sliced and taped and zip tied to create something to allow me to go out tomorrow in some sporty seas and not have to have my Hulk grip on it the whole time. 

     Then as I admired my work I saw it and it made sense. Look closely thee is something below the dome and something mounted to the top of the console....alas.....I knew Jim wouldn't have let this thing bounce around all over the place. With no one but Laura to help me find all the pieces that go to the boat, I must ave missed the arms that stabilize the tower. Looks like we'll be heading into Pennsy for a visit and some dinner this weekend Laura! Got a busy week next week on the water.