Sunday, November 1, 2020

11.01.20 Just like the You Tube video showed...

  ...well not really. After taking off the stickers my next move was to see how easy the bottom paint would come off. Watched some videos, did some Google searches, and found the product Multi-Strip well recommended. I stopped by the Dollar General and picked up some cheap cling wrap and went to work. According to the videos, just put it on, cover it, wait a few hours, and "it'll fall right off"....right.

     So in the rain I did just that, just concentrating on the bottom paint just below the water line. I covered it after applying healthy amount of stripper, and waited, and waited. I purchased a plastic blade 

and went to work. The stripper came off, as did several layers of anti-fouling paint, but never got down to the gel coat. Below is what was left after application #1. It beast the alternatives of sanding and scarping or blasting, but I know I'm in for many more hours of watching and waiting and scraping. I fired up the engine and it purred like a kitten. So far so good, going to get her wet later this week.