Thursday, November 5, 2020

11.05.20 It's go time...

     Well two weeks after landing another dream boat and having it checked out its ready to go....I hope. Tomorrow it gets wet for m first time. Nervous, a little. Made sure my Boat US was paid up and active, went around nd double checking everything, put her on a charge before tucking her into sleep. And of course, I made sure I had the plugs, thats for you Popovics! 

     It continues to be a boat fishery this fall. Surf guys finding tons of bait along the beach but no fish on them, and if they are they're out of casting range. So hopefully tomorrow we'll get some fish, more importantly we get out and back without assistance. I took off the bow trolling motor so all my faith lies in that Yamaha 175 HPDI that hangs off the back. 

Fingers crossed!