Friday, April 24, 2020

04.24.20 Three stops, 90 minutes, not a tap....

     Long week. Lots of patient care. Lots of PPE changes. Lots of talking. Need to get out and fish, even though the conditions weren't perfect. Incoming tides. N/NE wind. Off color water. Not a tap. 

     Hooked up with Feif at spot one for about 30 minutes. As soon as we got to the water the wind was carrying everything out of the creek outflow pipes down along the beach. I tried to "outrun" the dirt by hoofing it to the next groin but it didn't matter. Neither of us hooked up.

    At stop two I decided to pull out a Joe P. fly, which I think is electric green or glow in the dark, and while it looked good, and I swam it around spinning adult bunker in the water, I didnt hook up. 

     And with a 9am daughter pickup I hit the Navesink, trying my best to get my fit to that first pier, which is where the fish usually are. I came up short each time , and didn't hook-up.