Thursday, April 9, 2020

04.08.20 Quick stop after work....

     Quick stop on the way home from work, a new position during these new times. More on that later. Got to the river around 430, tide was on the ebb. This big tide here drops fast so after waiting on the banks and working my fly along the edges I slowly made my way out. Before it was over I get soaked during a deluge of rain that I thought would chase me off the water. But, I thought, the rainbow was goo luck, and, if I waited I would be solo on the tip of the "jetty".

     Above is a shot looking out with the water just about an hour into the drop. And below is about two hours in. If you are safe you can make your way out, across the deeper water, and onto the made made jetty that covers the outflow pipe. Of course before I was done I donated another nice fly to the river. Didn't catch a fish, but, I thought I had a hit or two casting off the front. I'm using

herring type flies that look to swim nice and should be an early offering before the bluebacks get here in stupid numbers. I have fished first light, in the dark, and on all tides so far this spring without a fish. Reminds me of those stories from Al about striper fishing during the moratorium, and when he first started in the 1950's. I think he said it tool him a year to get his first bass. I'm ready to catch!

Tim Larsen photo
     So I've now been called into the COVID-19 action like so many other nurses, doctors, and healthcare workers have. I'm working as a Nurse Manager at the Edison Field Hospital set up at the Edison Convention Center. The last time Theresa and I were here was for The Fly Fishing Show in January, looks a bit different now. The floor is now set up with 500 patient rooms and we should be getting patients starting this Saturday. While the horrific numbers of those affected and killed by

Tim Larsen photo
the virus continues to soar, there seems to be thinking that the apex has almost arrived and the tide may turn soon. Again, that is hopeful speculation. All we can do is continue to practice physical distancing and maintaining good hygiene and safety precautions. We aren't out of the woods yet. 

     With new mandates regarding the weaving of masks I liked the below sticker I saw on Facebook, its not "Steal Your Face", but "Seal Your Face". The best way to prevent exposure is to eliminate the contact with those people that are asymptomatic carriers, people without fever and that dry cough. My hearts out to those healthcare providers, firth responders and hospital and nursing home staff that are dealing with patients in not the most sterile and safe conditions. Some have and will fall ill trying to care for people that are suffering from the virus. Stay safe and be well!

On a side note I was surprised to see gas prices at $1.89 a gallon on my way home yesterday. amazing how gas prices can fluctuate. I cant remember when they were below $2.00