Wednesday, April 1, 2020

04.01.2020 Fishing is open in New Jersey....

     I watched New Jersey Governor Murphy's press conference yesterday, and finally fishing was addressed amongst the more important news. Trout season is open in the Garden State, catch and release only, this year the season is 10 days early. While most people are heeding the stay at home warning, those that choose to get out in the outdoors, like the walkers, runners and dog walkers, some will spend some time outdoors fishing. Those that do are asked to maintain the 6 foot social distancing rules.

Be responsible out there.....

     Today starts the new regulations up and down the coast, and in the bay and rivers. There's different regulations for recreational and commercial fisheries, and different in between neighboring states. For Jersey striped bass fisherman its one fish 28"-38" and then May 15th the Bonus Tag regs are in place, one fish 24"-28". Regardless what you think of the tag program, you still need to have that in possession. Its the one fish per day at 28-38" and then, with your tag, one 24-28". So anglers can keep two fish if they purchased and have the tag.  

   In New York the marine waters regs, starting April 15th, slot size 28-35", one fish per day. In the Hudson its 18-28" one fish, and in the Upper Delaware, if they get up that far after the Delaware state guys are killing them in big numbers, the size is 28-35". And of course commercial guys have different rules, starting May 15th, its 26-38". 

     For Pennsylvania and striped bass starting April 1st, in the tidal waters up to Calhoun Street Bridge in Trenton, two fish 21-24", and then same waters starting June 1st 28-35", one fish per day. In the non-tidal, above the Calhoun Street Bridge its one fish 28-35".